TCCC/Itasca Orchestra & Strings Program Music Camp

AUGUST 22 - 27, 2021

Grand Rapids, MN

The TCCC/IOSP camp activities will focus on nurturing the individual potential of participants and ownership of their art, providing a safe and supportive environment for creativity and expression, developing team-work skills, and an understanding of music as a universal language, accessible to all. We are hoping to engage our existing and future students into creating their own artistic community, one that they will be proud of and they will want to belong to. In addition, diverse and international backgrounds of the our faculty combined with their worldwide experience as teaching artists, will serve as a tool for increasing the general awareness of the importance of art, enrich, inspire and educate the participants in the context of cultural diversity.

The camp is designed for students between 8-15 years old and will offer a combination of instrumental training, workshops based on innovative teaching methods (Harvard University Pretexts), group activities focused on the integration of arts, and performance opportunities. Special events include a week-long exhibition of participants' artwork created during the camp. 

IOSP presents:
Third Coast Chamber Collective Festival
"Songs of our Home" 

AUGUST 22 - Reif Performing Arts Center

Grand Rapids, MN

AUGUST 28 - Watermark Art Center

 Bemidji, MN

AUGUST 29 - Kiesler Wellness Center

Grand Rapids, MN

Guest Artists:

Mary Ellen Haupert - piano

Eric Olson - violin

TCCC Musicians:

Natalia Korenchuk - violin

Evgeny Zvonnikov - violin

Pedro Oviedo - viola

Magdalena Sas - cello

Emmy Rozanski - trombone

Sparking the Flames of Creativity: the Importance of Music in Our Lives.

More details coming soon